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We believe that craftsmanship and hard work, united with intentional relationships, yield the highest quality creative product.

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Our Team

Ashleigh McClung

Managing Director

Bunny lover & Disney World nerd. Always down for a camping trip in the roof tent. ISFJ.

Madisyn Bowen

Creative Director

Furniture flipper & chocolate chip cookie addict. Professional dog petter. ENFP.

Esther Velasco

Graphic Designer

Fruit lover & CD booklet collector. Likes to hear people talk about things they love. INFJ.

Julian Francisco

Software Developer

Musician & Python enthusiast who is big into AI and machine learning. ENFP.

Patrick McClung

Creative Consultant

Tiny car & monster truck enthusiast. Freestyle rapper. Man of ever-changing interests. ENTP.

Steve Pennington

Digital Infrastructure Manager

Sneakerhead, avid gamer, & collector of all things. Went to space camp… twice. INTP.